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Django aggregate functions which operate conditionally (i.e. generate SQL CASE statements) ...useful when combining aggregate functions with a GROUP BY clause. eg ConditionalSum.


Provides an ExclusiveBooleanField which is a boolean (database) field where only one row in the table (or optionally, a subset of rows based on value of other fields) is True and all the other rows are False.


Factoryboy base factories and helpers for Google App Engine ndb models. To help with unit testing projects using App Engine datastore.


Django cache backends supporting CAS (compare-and-set) operation. Memcache, Redis and Dummy backends. CAS allows updating a value without risk of race condition bugs.


An eBay API client which respects XSD schema and talks SOAP, but doesn't use Suds. With a clean and simple interface and low memory usage (unlike Suds+WSDL...).


An extension of the Python stdlib's calendar.HTMLCalendar that makes use of Django templates to customise the output. After all, it's pretty lame having hard-coded HTML output.